Csaba Németh

Németh Csaba

Producer of Smoked Delicacies

Csaba Németh
Újhegy, Sümeg
+36 30 293 6925

 Please, respect that farmers do not only sell but they do farming works or work in their full-time jobs. If you intend to purchase, please, contact us on the phone in advance.


  •     Cooked meat
  •     Sausages made of chitterlings
  •     Sausages
  •     Salami
  •     Dry sausages
  •     Smoked meat products
  •     Bacon
  •     Ham

Products can be purchased on the spot after making an appointment.

Csaba Németh has several-year experience in the field of meat processing. As a farmer, his white pigs and ’Mangalica’ pigs (a traditional Hungarian pig) are fattened and processed proficiently in his wokshop. His meat products are made by using a traditional way of marinading and smoking process.
Similarly to the other farmers having Cooperating Balaton Uplands brands, Csaba’s pigs are not fattened fast either. For this reason, their meat is rather different from the ones’ kept in mass-production.
In Csaba’s view, the meat of an animal raised within small-scale pig farming is always better than the others’. The reason for it is that the meat of these types of pigs are not so wet, but drier and more fibroid. Thus, the meat of the processed animal is more delicious and it loses less weight when roasting. If we remember this when shopping, we will have to consider how much the certain meat is worth in reality.
Csaba works on the basis of his old, tried and tested recipes.
At his workshop, specialities like smoked pigtail can be found, as well as smoked ham and bacon and other types of salami and sausages.

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