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From The the manufacturer to the consumer

Fertig Farm – János Fertig
031/7 tln
+36 30 916 6259

Please, respect that buyers are not allowed to enter Fertig Farm due to hygienic reasons. János’s products are available by home delivery or in shops. If you wish to purchase, please, inform us on the phone 1 week in advance!


  • egg

János delivers in Tótvázsony, Nemesvámos, Veszprém, Csopak, Herend, Veszprémfajsz and Hajmáskér.
Shops where the farm’s eggs are available: Tom Market, Veszprém; Grocery Shop, Veszprémfajsz.

Would you like to buy from a farmer who has regularly and trustily been delivering eggs to hundreds of families for over 10 years?
Fertig family enterprise is just like that. János Fertig and his family have been farming since 1993. They have been raising hens and delivering eggs to the neighbouring settlements day-by-day since 2002. The delivery has been functioning well. János and his wife visit their buyers separately and deliver eggs at agreed times. The delivery routes have not changed over the years. The settlements they deliver to are: Tótvázsony, Nemesvámos, Veszprém, Csopak, Herend, Veszprémfajsz and Hajmáskér.

As for János, delivery is tiring, but he would not reorganize it, as the direct contact with the buyers is such a feedback that is important for the farm.
They are able to plan and react at once to the different requests and demands based on this. This kind of service provided to the buyers makes the family’s everyday life busy, however, the kindness and friendliness of people give extra ’spice’ to them.
Their buyers’ circle is rather satisfied with their punctuality and the freshness of the eggs.

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