Wine Shop of Dörgicse

Dörgicsei borház

Gold of Lake Balaton Vineyard

István Mlinkó
+36 30 685 6730
26 Fő Street, Dörgicse

Please, respect that wine makers do not only sell their products but also do vine farming and wine making works each day.
Wine Shop of Dörgicse is open all through the year, but due to the nature of farming, we would like to ask you to make an appointment in advance if you wish to take part in wine tasting or purchase anything.


Dry white wines

  •    Riesling
  •    Savignon Blanc
  •    Szürkebarát (Grey Monk)
  •    Furmint


  •  Blue Frankish
  • Cabernet Savignon
  • Riesling Sylvan – Savignon Blanc Cuveé (Fresh Wine of Dörgicse)

Red wine

  •   Cabernet Savignon

You can purchase on the spot, in certain wine shops or groceries. Contact us by phone!


  • Wine tasting events (up to groups of 20-25 in winter, in summer up to groups of 40) with cheese bowls, spiced food, hot meal.

The Wine Shop of Dörgicse welcomes guests who are interested in local viticulture and wines in a familiar atmosphere.
István Mlinkó, who has been involved in wine making since his childhood, is committed to preserving the viticulture of Dörgicse region. One of the main principles in the family-run vine farm and wine shop is to reduce the burden on the vine-plants in order to enable the character of the type to become manifest. Farming is done on a land of over 5 hectares using a method which is close to nature. The typical wines of the vine types of the region are the excellent quality dry wines. Among their protected wines with their origins marked, Furmint and Riesling are worth the selected category.
They spoil their guests with their helping them find accommodation after a high-spirited wine tasting event.

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