Cellar of Lovas

Lovasi Pince-apartman

Cellar Apartment of Lovas - Leisure in a late-19th century atmosphere, in a vine arbour with a view of Lake Balaton, with a glass of wine offered by the owner

Ferenc Papp
Cifhegyi Street, Lovas H-8228
+36 30 937 3206
+36 30 408 7306
+36 88 265 739

Preliminary booking and registration is necessary for the accommodation.

The owner offers his own products as well

  • wine
  • jams
  • syrups


  • accommodation (a thatched wine-press house with wine cellar, 2 rooms with shower, 4+3 pers.)
  • meals if requested
  • wine tasting on a carriage (10-12 pers. with accordion music)
  • wine weekends
  • organized guided visits to Villa Romana Balácza in Nemesvámos (approx. 3000 HUF/groups of 10)
  • movable oven if requested

Being a little family-run vine farm, the owner of Cellar Apartment of Lovas recommends his own wines with wine tasting (accordion music) in his thatched accommodation, reflecting the traditional features of Balaton Uplands’ architecture.
Besides providing their guests a familiar, friendly romantic pastime, their goal is to make visitors meet the local vine types, have an insight in the secrets of vine-farming and wine making and taste the local Tramini, Riesling and Chardonnay wines so that they can take home a few bottles in case they liked them.
As a special offer of the family, local oven meal specialities are made or we can take part in a carriage trip, if requested.

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