Craftsman László Gyapay Jr.

Carved Wood Souvenirs and Objects

László Gyapay Jr.
23 Fő Street, Szentjakabfa H-8272
+36 87 479 089

Information for visitors

Please, respect that László Gyapay works in his workshop all day. Therefore, his services are available after making an appointment in advance.


  • souvenirs
  • candlesticks in different shapes
  • fruit bowls
  • carved, decorated wooden objects
  • products related to drinks
  • gift boxes for drinks (wine, pálinka etc.)
  • coats of arms, inscriptions, information boards
  • kitchen tools
  • shopping boards (15 types)
  • bread-slicing tray
  • napkin-holder
  • fish knife
  • oven peel
  • tray (6 types)
  • paper towel holder
  • wooden bowls (4-5 size)
  • cutlery holder (3 size)
  • serving bowl
  • salt-holder


  • box with mirror
  • carved mirror frame
  • paper tissue holder

others (little stool)

Products can be purchased on markets (Káptalantóti, Hévíz), bigger fairs (their attendance can be followed on their website) or in certain shops. You can make an order on the phone, as well.


  • wood carving demonstration (preliminary appointment necessary)
  • end-product demonstration (preliminary appointment necessary)
  • minor repairs related to the products (preliminary appointment necessary)

László Gyapay Jr. has learnt woodworking craft from his father László Gyapay. We can meet Uncle Laci on handicraftsmen’s fairs while introducing visitors into the wonderful world of woodcarving. With their hand-made woodworks, souvenirs, simple, useful and affordable wooden household objects, Gyapay Family are the most sought-for woodcarvers in Balaton Uplands. They work in a real family team. The head of the family does woodcarving works while the women’s duties are selling the goods, providing a cosy home and bringing up children.
They are proud of their more than 200 types of beautifully carved products. Buyers can find everything they need.
Their motto is: what the buyer looks for twice must be there on the shelf for the third time.
László and his father use cherry and leafy hardwood for making their objects. No artificial material is used for surface treatment but beeswax and flax oil. Thus, the things made by them are baby-friendly.
We warmly recommend his products to everybody including private people and wholesalers, as they will not be disappointed by the quality.

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