Dobosi Wine-cellars

Dobosi Pincészet

Anno Domini 1721 "from father to son"

Győző Dobosi
81 Fő Street, Szentantalfa
+36 87 479 098
+36 30 640 2770

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 8:00 – 18:00
Sunday: CLOSED

Please respect, that wine farmers do not only sell their products but also do vineyard and wine-making works each day.
You can purchase from Dobosi Family in opening hours.
If you wish to take part in wine tasting, please make an appointment in advance.
If you intend to take part in KÓBOR hike, you can register on the websiet


  •     wine (12-15 types depending on the year)
  •     Juhfark
  •     Kéknyelű
  •     Muscat
  •     Szürkebarát (Grey Monk)
  •     Cabernet Savignon
  •     late-harvest Szürkebarát
  •     Tramini
  •     Blue Frankish Rosé (dry)
  •     Cabernet Rose (semi sweet)
  •     Chardonney
  •     Riesling
  •      Savignon Blanc
  •     Dobosi Cuvet (Cabernet Savignon and Melot blending, dry red wine)
  •     grape juice
  •     grape-apple juice
  •     organic blue grape seed products
  •      oil
  •      grape seed grist – capsule
  •      grape seed grist – 100 g

You can purchase on the spot:

  •     on KÓBOR hike
  •     in wine tasting hall

Country wide:

  • On 2 bio markets / MOM, Hidegkút – Klebensberg House
  • on the annual market of Csalán Association
  • Vitál Plusz large-scale trader
  • webshop – with home delivery
  • CBA Supermarkets


  •     KóBor hike (wine tasting hikes after registration in advance, every Friday from 5 pm)
  •     local wine tasting
  •     accommodation (3 rooms for 6-9 pers.; up to 15 pers. after extension)
  •     Széchenyi Card, bank cards are accepted
  •     making grape juice from brought material

Dobosi Wine-cellars is a family-run enterprise in Szentantalfa, dating back to the beginning of the 18th century. The passion for vine-farming and wine-making is based on the knowledge and experience of several generations. In the vine-farming technology, traditional procedures and methods are applied, which brings about excellent results year by year. Several of their wines have won gold and silver medals nationwide, but they have success on international wine contests as well.
What they are proud of the most is not that their wines have ’bio’ certification, but rather the fact that, together with several of their wine-farmer friends from Balaton Uplands, they can fulfil the terms and conditions of organic, nature-friendly vine-farming on 20 hectares.
They have a wide range of wines to offer. 5-10 types of their wines can be tried on their wine tasting events and the service is available accompanied with food specialities and wine dinner as well, if required.
One of their special programme offers together with 3 of their wine-farmer friends is KóBor hike. During this event, we can take part in an organized wine tasting of 4 cellars, which is closed by a dinner. During this unique experience, the visitors are transpoted by minibus. Kóbor hike is a great opportunity to become acquainted with the variousness of wine cellars and vine-farming on Balaton Uplands in an afternoon, and later, we might return to these special places with our friends.
As local accommodation is available at Dobosi Family, the services and programmes might provide convenient opportunities for companies, graduates or friends even for a couple of days.


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