Ezüstfenyő Hostel

Ezüstfenyő Turistaszálló

We look forward to welcoming the admirers of herbs, wild flowers and geological wonders with our organized programmes

Jenő Paksa
99 Kossuth Street, Halimba H-8452
+ 36 30 4995103, + 36 70 3941280, + 36 70 6197960
+36 88 243-772

Great discount for groups! Please, ask for our individual price and programme offer!


–    accommodation for 60 pers. (3×20 pers.), 10+6 rooms / ground floor + attic (2-4-8-bedded rooms)
–    communal hall, canteen for 60 pers., 140 m2 conference-, presentation-, sports- or dance hall
–    eating facility, kitchen available
–    buffet service
–    local products’ counter / Halimbárium herbal tea, local blown-glass products, home-made syrups, jams from Halimba
–    Barbecue and outdoor cooking facility
–    Table soccer, table tennis, darts, swing bowling, grass-covered football pitch
–    Digital whiteboard, projector rent
–    Local programmes:     – Herb study garden, Presentation and training centre
– Mining exhibition hall, Bauxite lenses (Darvastó)
– Herbal plant hikes and courses,
– Geo- and Bakony Hill hikes: Fishing Lake, Mill Valley Leisure Park, Water Valley of Padrag, Balaton Hill, Kútvölgy of Szőc, Atibor Hill (Kerekerdő-Rounded Forest), Kab Hill, Somló Hill
– Visiting glass factory (non-automatic glasshouse)
– Smithing, presentation on apiculture, handcraft classes,
– Bakony-Balaton bike rental point
– Herbal tea tasting
– Pálinka tasting
– Village Guests’ Table service

We welcome hikers to South-Bakony Hills, school classes, campers, companies or groups of friends all year round to our family-run hostel. The highlight of our programmes is the organized, guided, geo- and herbal tourism!
Halimba is one of the country’s herbal plant gardens.
Why Halimba?
Because it is a popular tourist spot in Southern Bakony Hills, it is a famous herbal plant collecting place and because it is the home of Eocene fossils. Its name is well-known for the bauxite found in its boundaries and the herbal plants’ priest, Dean Dr. Miklós Szalai, who would work in the village. Near the village two fishing lakes, Mill Valley Leisure Park and a marsh habitat nature conservation area can be found. It can easily be reached on foot, horse and by bike on the paths. Halimba is one of the centres of geological hikes in Hungary. During geological hikes, activities like fossil collecting, visiting an active mine, exhibition on bauxite mining history, mining exhibition, visiting the ancient karst and the manganese mud receiver and seeking for legendary fossils can be done. The hikes are guided by professional experts.

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