Fodorvin Family Wine-Cellars

8241 Aszófő, 9. Hunyadi str.
Gyula Fodor
+36 87 445 027 (phone, fax)
+36 30 60 2629

Opening hours:

 Summer: May-October Mon-Sat. 9-17, Sun 9-12
 Winter: November-April Tue-Fri 9-17, Sat 9-12, Sun closed

Please, respect that vine growers do not only sell their products, but they also do vineyard and wine-making works each day.
You can purchase from Fodor Family in opening hours.
If you wish to take part in wine tasting, please, make an appointment in advance.


  • White wines: Riesling, Chardonney, Rhine Riesling, Juhfark
  • Rosé: Cabernet Savignon Rosé, Blue Frankish Rosé
  • Red wines: Blue Frankish, Portugieser, Cabernet Svignon
  • Sparkling wines: Carpe Diem section, Battonage (wine kept on smooth lees: the smooth lees are stirred up from time to time)
  • Pálinkas: Grape pomace, Fruit pálinka

You can purchase on the spot, in certain groceries or by ordering on the phone numbers given. Please, contact us by phone!


  • Wine tasting events (with cold dish or spiced snacks)
  • Showing around the wine cellars (cellars, technology, bottling plant)

Gyula Fodor and his family do farming and make wines from the grapes of Szentbékálla and Aszófő with great expertise. Not only is quality ensured by the experience and attitude of the family, but also by producing and supplying the convenient raw material and doing the work precisely. On their wine tasting events, where cold dish and spiced snacks are served besides their wines, you can taste and buy their White-, Rosé- and Red wines.
Juvenile energy and innovative attitude characterize them appearing with the new generation. No doubt that, in the future, Fodorvin Family Wine-cellars will surprise wine-lovers positively with their wines.


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