Hand-made Dairy Products

Tekeresvölgyi tejtermékek

from Tekeresvölgy

Csaba Kovács – small-scale producer
1 Kovácstanya, Nemesvámos 8248
+36 30/947-0780

Please, respect that farmers do not only sell their porducts, but do farming and they deliver them to different markets. If you intend to purchase on the farm or you would either fell like paying a visit at Csaba’s village guests’ table or you look for accommodation, please, contact them by phone in advance.


  • raw milk, pasteurized milk, yoghurts (unflavoured, honey-raspberry, honey-strawberry) – 30% real fruit sweetened only by honey, cream cheese, Feta cheese,curd cheese, hand-churned butter (with an 80-year-old churn machine :-), fresh cheese (smoked unflavoured, with chives),
  • Seasoned cheese (seasoned unflavoured, unflavoured with yoghurt, unflavoured apen celery, with caraway, basil, smoked, with pesto, thyme)


  • village guests’ table (pig killing event and feast, sausages and other pork products, cheese tasting, home-made elder syrup, lavender syrup, by registering in advance)
  • accommodation (13 people)
  • horse-riding accommodation (max. 8 horses, roofed place, stalls with tying facilities)

Csabi and Hajni’s specialities can be bought on the farm, or on the market of Káptlantóti (Liliomkert), on Csalán Market in Veszprém and on the market of Tihany (Placc).

Csaba Kovács and his wife, Hajni, took up raising cows and making cheese because of their children, but later, as people started to be interested in their products, their livestock has grown, too.
By now, they process 150 litres of cowmilk a day from their 20 cows, which the use for making fresh ans seasoned cheese types, yoghurts and cottage cheese, as well as other specialities – all of them on their own farm. We are glad to recommend you the hand-made products from Tekeresvölgy, which are made with passion by Kovács Family. The flavour and aroma of their cheese and youghurt are guaranteed by the great number of permanent buyers and the feedback given by the guests of the nearby restaurant.
Within the frames of the village guests’ table, those interested can taste the products of the local farmers and have an insight in the life of the farm. We recommend it as a programme opportunity to everybody who love nature and farming, to cheese lovers or companies who simply intend to try something else than doing their everyday job in their offices or factory ’grinds’.

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