In harmony with nature

János Tóbel – farmer
28 Dózsa Gy. Street, Halimba H-8452 – Halimba – the home of medicinal plants and herbs

Please, respect that the small-scale producers do not only trade, but do farming or work in their main profession, as well.
If you wish to purchase, inform us by phone!


  •     jams (cherry, plum, strawberry, blackberry, pear, apricot)
  •     syrups (blackberry, lavender, elder, thyme, mint)
  •     pickles (e.g. cucumber, greenpepper, tomato, fresh salads)
  •     feral and grown herbs (basil, celery, thyme, golden cress etc.)
  •     eggs
  •     food seasoning ingredients


  • Village guests’ table – in harmony with nature
  • Presenting the medical plants of Halimba and its surroundings in accordance with the current season and blooming
  • Presenting self-kept home farming and its popularization by the vegetable growing and animal raising carried out on the farm, composting knowledge

Season offers

  • Winter village guests’ table with pork
  • Harvest flavours’ guests’ table
  • Summer thyme guests’ table
  • Theme days fitting to herb seasons: elder bloom – syrup making
  • Food made of mint, rose-hips and their usage, ways of preparing them
  • Home-canning school related to fruit season, conserving home-made pickles

János Tóbel is the master of field spices. 
If we happen to be crammed full, we will feel like eating again even while cooking, as he does it with so much pleasure and high spirits. It is really fantastic to be his guest. 

János is proud of mostly those meals and food which he grows the ingredients for. They are, among others, meat soup with tarragon, chicken breast made with cream and leek and the stuffed paprika. Besides these, there are a number of dishes (e.g. roasts), which are made by adding his unique-flavoured spices to meet the claims. The uniqueness of his house is the herbarium, the medicinal plants and herbs grown and collected by himself.
We can combine shopping with an impromptu herb-hike or mini-training when visisiting him, as he is a qualified medicinal plant and herb grower.
Those who taste his products will not be disappointed…or will…maybe with the fact that spices of the field can provide our meals with a flavour fitting to the taste of even gourmets, as well as the ones which are available in shops and are mixed with artificial ingredients.

One of his main partners is the branded Ezüstfenyő Hostel (Silver Pine) in Halimba.

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