Hollósy Cellar

Holló, Tücsi and the Wine

Máté Zsombor Hollósy
8272 Tagyon, Hrsz.: 609/5
+36 30 393 0699

Please, respect that vine farmers do not only sell their products, but they also do vineyard and wine-making works each day.
If you wish to take part in a wine tasting event or to buy their products, please, make an appointment in advance.
If you want to take part in KÓBOR hike, you can register on website www.kobortura.hu.


  • White wine
  • Riesling
  • Juhfark
  • Bodzilla (Riesling Sylvan of Tagyon)
  • Late Riesling
  • Siller (Cabernet Savignon Siller)
  • Rosé (Tücsi Wine)
  •     Apricot jam
  •     Fruit
  •     Herbal products (lavender pillows)

You can buy the products on the spot, at wine tasting events and in certin shops. Contact us by phone!


  •     Wine tasting with spiced snacks (max. 15 pers.)
  •     Showing around the area and the cellar
  •     A ’checkpoint’ of KóBor hike

Zsombor Hollósy was brought up and became involved in vine farming on the family farm. Later, after having graduated as a horticulturist engineer, he became brave enough to experiment with making a good wine with natural technologies. Eccentric or obsessed…you are to decide. However, one fact is for sure: the first time we talk to Zsombor, we can feel that he loves spending his time in the vineyard and in the cellar. Presumably, this is the reason why he makes such excellent wines despite his young age. He, himself, works in his vineyard with his family and does farming on nearly 5 hectares.
His special programme offer together with 3 of his wine-maker friends and a restaurant is KóBor hike, in which one can participate in an organized wine tasting including 4 cellars and a dinner to close the evening. This is a unique experience where guests are transported by a microbus.
KóBor hike is a great opportunity to become acquainted with the extensiveness of vine-farming and making on Balaton Uplands and later, come back to these special places with our friends. Zsombor’s surprisingly unique wine-labels are designed by himself. It might be shocking for the first glimpse for his guests and wine shops selling his wines, as it differs from any standars and style accepted as a trend nowadays. His wines have great scent, full of energy and life and reflect the power and energy of the owner together with his mature seriousness, by which he promotes the local farming culture.

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