Hotel Bakony

Hotel Bakony

60 Magyar Street, Tótvázsony H-8246
47.003130; 17.792313
Bernadett Cseh Mayerné (hotel keeper)
+36 20 365 9630, +36 88 516 750
Mr. Edwin Peter Brum (owner)


  •     accommodation
  •     restaurant
  •     sauna
  •     massage
  •     grill house

Open all year round.

Hotel Bakony is situated in a peaceful environment in Tótvázsony, at the southern foot of Bakony Hills. It welcomes guests with 6 apartments and 12 rooms. In the impressive building, the traditional and the modern architecture appear combined. It is the big, light rooms and elegant furniture which make your staying more pleasant. Looking into the building from the street, one has not the slightest idea how big and tidy park is hiding behind the fence. The peaceful, quiet atmosphere and environment is fully provided for the guests. Due to the cooperation with the local entrepreneurs, sauna, hairdresser, massage, manicure, pedicure, carriage or horse-drawn sledge are available.
Each apartment and room has an own bathroom, a balcony and a terrace with a beautiful view. TV, fridge and Intenet access make the service complete. In the hotel restaurant, home-made meals are served to the guests, but it is convenient for bigger events and programmes, as well. Free parking is available in the yard, while those arriving by public transport are taken to the hotel in case it is requested and agreed on. All these features mentioned above are accompanied with the kindness and the fastidiousness of the hosts, who are keen on paying pesonal attention to their guests.

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