’Kű Ház’ of Kapolcs

Can be visited at any time after making an appointment.


  •     lodging at the community hostel (24 pers.)
  •     catering

’Kű-ház’ (Stone House) of Kapolcs is a familiar community accommodation facility on the scene of The Valley of Arts (Kapolcs Days formerly), functioning in Kapolcs. It might sound strange, but it can be described as follows:
The building was built and renovated by the entrepreneur himself. Now wonder that it reflects his traditional and family-centered way of thinking. It diffuses intimacy, familiarity with the stones remaining from the former building and the plants  that are placed with loving care. It is the warmth of the wood, the fire in the fireplace and the neat cleanliness which make the interior alluring.
Groups of both the youth and the elderly enjoy themselves in this environment where the grandparents help the young couple with serving the groups and meeting the requests and wishes of the guests. Their delicious, home-made meals are not for those who would like to lose weight. The menu, however, is made up according to the guests’ requests using fresh and fragrant spices from their garden and considering even the dietary demands as well.
The hostel can easily be accessed even by public transport, as it is situated in the main street of the village, some 200 metres from the bus stop. A little, roofed pergola, benches, plants and a tiled yard entice the guests in order to have their activities not only inside, but in the yard, hiding from the street, as well.
’Kű-ház’ receives guests up to 24 pers. presently.