Mörk Wine Cellars

Mörk Pincészet

Mörk Pincészet – Balatonakali – Fenyehegy

András Mörk
+36 20 575 4693
Facebook:Mörk Pincészet Dörgicse


Sauvignon Blanc

You can buy the products at wine tasting events in the Wineshop of Dörgicse. Besides, it is available in wineshops of Budapest and other retailers (e. g. Fék Shopping Mall – Balatonakali, Prés Coffee Shop, Ráday Street, Wekerlei Wine-store, Borbox – Soroksári Street, Budapest; Vino Piano on Boráros Square, Budapest)
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Wine farmer András Mörk made his first wine in 2012. No matter it was his first wine, he had great expectations towards it: he wanted to make a really good wine using a nature-friendly farming technology. The owner’s attitude and enthusiasm are an example to to follow.
His wines cannot be tasted in his own cellar yet, but in wine-shops and wine-stores.
András’s small-scale vineyard is just being reorganized to apply organic production, as well as cultivating, which is being switched over to medium-height cordon and umbrella farming. According to their experience, it guarantees better quality grapes. We are rather sure that his Riesling and Cabernet Franc wines made of 2013 planting are worth waiting for.

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