A Nest of Culture Between Sümeg and Somló Hill

Tonus Peregrinus Association
Nemeshany, H-8471
Attila Kiss: +36 20 800 2208

Tonus Peregrinus Association takes charge of collecting and promoting the touristic and cultural offer of the village of Nemeshany. Their activities comprise of several fields. Not only do they organise traditionalist-, cultural- or theme-based camps, but they also took part in assembling the offers of the village. Besides, their cultural activity in the region is outstanding.

The association has been a significant community power of the local and regional society. They have arranged countless number of events, programmes, sometimes from their own reources, sometimes cooperating with other civil organizations. Within the frames of a LEADER grant, the association has established a high-standard communal place called Pajtaszínház (Barn Theatre). The building had been renovated in several stages, then technical devices were purchased. Later, it was provided with renewable energy, providing its long-term sustainability. Musical programmes, concerts, exhibitions and traditionalist events are organized here, thus contributing to the local community’s cultural programmes.

The offers of the touristic Programme Package

  • In the middle of the village, an enrapturing building calls our attention. It is Csizmadia Water Mill, which can be visited all through the year and which is equipped with contemporary machinery and furniture. Next to the mill, an animal petting farm and a youth hostel await visitors.
  • In the Village House, a permanent exhibition presents the pride of the village, the sewn lace of Nemeshany, whose delicacy is equal to that of Halas.
  • The recently renovated House of Folk Arts is the place where the local values are assembled and where a permanent exhibition on the village can be seen. The open barn attached to it serves as a campsite.
  • In Pajtaszínház (Barn Theatre), temporary cultural programmes await both the locals and the visitors.
  • Kemencés Guest House is a romantic accommodation facility in a genuine village environment in the heart of Nemeshany with horseriding, hiking and fishing facilities. Also, you can bake your own bread in the oven.
  • Camps: 7-10-day camps for children with programmes and meals provided (local food and meals)
  • Traditionalist lace sewing camp: for adults and children as well.
  • Traditionalist music camp (professional camp) with instructors.
  • National drama camp involving professional participants.


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