OD Pottery


Colurful Beauties From Mencshely

Dóra Ottmár
Address: Texon Bt. 31 Fő Street, Mencshely H -8271
Mobile.: +36 70 451 9497
E-mail: ottmardora@yahoo.com
Web: www.od-ceramics.com

Information for visitors

Tourists dropping in are welcomed any time. Handcraft activities and trainings are also organized.


They are happy to have classes, trainings on pottery. Visitors arriving in summer can try the potter’s wheel, shaping, decorating on the spot or in the handcraft workshop of Mencshely, being built recently.

Products can be purchased on Sundays on Liliomkert Market of Káptalantóti, on Saturdays in the nearby fairs at different places (Akli Ranch, Biobalaton, Dörgicse, Vászoly etc.), at events, at her home and online. In the new supermarket of Balatonakali and in summertime on the marketplace each day, in the Tourinform Office of Balatonfüred.

Architect Dóra Ottmár moved to Mencshely from Budapest in 2009. She started to deal with pottery seriously in this enchanting village. Non-series pottery jewels and everyday objects are made in her workshop. Apart from colourful jewels, she makes terracotta plant pots from stripes, floor vases, hand-wheeled, glazed ceramic mugs of coloured material, jugs, little bowls with pottery colours, as well as Christmas decorations and balls can also be found among her works.
Her typical design includes colourful flowers, spiral lines and geometrical patterns. Her jewels reflect cheerfulness and joy, as the necklaces, medals, bracelets, heart-patterned rings decorated with flowers and lace patterns glitter in pastel colours and more powerful shades, as well. Each element of her jewellery is hand-shaped, thus giving them rustic style but suggesting that each of them is unique and special. The shiny, colourful glaze makes them rather decorative.
At Christmas, she is happy to make aroma lamps, candlesticks and decorations.

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