Our brand

The Cooperating Balaton Uplands Association, together with its members and partners, elaborated its Brand System in 2013-2014 in a way so that it can join the common European Territorial ’Rural Quality’ Brand, as an umbrella brand.

The name of the brand: Cooperating Balaton Uplands.

The Brand can only be used by those who obtain the written permission of its owner the Cooperating Balaton Uplands Association.

The owner of the Rural Quality Mark, as the European Territorial Mark, is the European Territorial Quality Mark.

The European territorial mark can be used by the partners of the organization, who obtain the written permisson of the European Territorial Quality Mark Association. Also, the partners must be using a regional-level brand.

Those who use the Brand fulfil the terms and conditions of the branding regulation of universal validity, including the social and economic responsibility, as well as the specific rules regarding certain product or service groups.

With the introduction of the Brand, the users take upon themselves that

  • they collectively promote the services and products manufactured in the rural regions, especially in Balaton Uplands, since they feel responsible for strengthening the social and economic ccoperations

  • by their communal participation, they help with improving and expanding the quality, quantity and variousness of the services and the locally manufactured products

  • they help with the preservation and renewal of the environmental and provincial values, the expansion of the production and service opportunities and the improvement of the rural inhabitants’ quality of life.