Palace Cellar

Palota Pince Kézműves Borászat

Handcrafted Wines’ Shop ’Wine is the eternal dialogue between nature and human.’ (Antinori)

Palace Cellar Handcrafted Wines’ Shop
10. Szent István Square, Sümeg, H-8330
Márk Egly: +36 70 3634367

Opening hours:

  •       Mon-Sun 10-16 pm from the end of April to the beginning of June
  •       Mon-Sun 10-18 pm from mid June to mid September
  •       Mon-Sun 11-17 pm from mid September to the end of October

Please, respect that the wine-growers do not only sell their products, but do vine-land and wine-making work day-by-day, as well.
In Palace Cellar Handcrafted Wines’ Shop you can purchase in opening hours. It might happen, however, that due to the current viticulture works to be done, we cannot be open for a day or two. If you intend to purchase during seasonal works, please, contact us by phone.
If you wish to take part in wine tasting, an appointment should be made.


  • Rosa Rosé (Cabernet Savignon and Pinot Noir blending)
  • Villa Rustica red (Zweigert)
  • Villa Rustica white (Rhenish and Italian Riesling) – it used to be the wine of the town of Sümeg
  • Premium category:
  • Vesperas (wine of old vine-stocks, Italian Riesling)
  • Wine of Country Court judges (Chardonney mellowed in new wooden barrels)
  • Arridens Cuveé (in 2013: Merlot and Blue Frankish blending, proportion: 60:40%)
  • Zeus (first time in 2014 as a sweet wine, absolutely purebred)
  • Castle Hillside (Furmint and Italian Riesling blending)
  • Castle Hillside Blue Frankish
  • Italian Riesling in ceramic bottle
  • Verjuice-green juice
  • Wine jelly

You can purchase on the spot, at wine tasting events, at certain retailers and drink shops in Sümeg or in Budapest. Contact us by phone!


  • Wine-bibbing (you can drop in even for just one glass of wine)
  • Wine tasting events (5-8 types of wines as required, with or without spiced snacks)
  • Wine tasting with wine dinner-gastronomic dinner (with museum piece wines)
  • Visiting a 16th-century vineyard (with tasting wines from the castle hillside) – only with guide
  • Guiding in the wine museum, the cellar and the shop
  • Presentation on the viticultural history of Sümeg and Balaton Uplands at collective wine tasting events
  • Attendance in any part of the country

Palace Cellar Handcrafted Wines’ Shop of Sümeg is improved year-by-year by three young men, Márk, Tamás and Gábor. This place has become something more than a really good ordinary wine manufacture, due to the Episcopal Palace’s several-hundred-year-old history. Not only are the three young men highly-qualified oenologists, but their responsibility and devotion towards preserving the historic traditions is an example to be followed. This is a place where wine, viticulture and history are combined with vocation and thus, something completey unique revives and sets off…
Márk, Tamás and Gábor’s guided wine tasting events compare well with a viticultural initiation, where we get a comprehensive picture of the history and historic vine-plantation of the Episcopal Palace, the changing and riviving of the cultural landscape.
Meanwhile, it becomes clear that the three experts are equal to be the couriers of Vince Ramassetter, one of the greatest wine traders of former Hungary.
The art of wine-culture, wine making and image building is improving equally here.
The products of Palace Cellar offer the most impressive programmes in the country, suggesting the harmony between wine and gastronomy. From guided wine tasting events through wine dinners, they take us on an exclusive journey back in time in gastronomy where we can taste museum-pice wines.

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