Petendi Pálinka House

Jimmy Fülig and Fred Piszkos ’Pálinkas’ ’Soon in your glass, forever in your memory’

Petendi Pálinkaház Kft. – Miklós Kovács
55/19 tln. Vigántpetend H-8294
+36 70 7733455

To visit the pálinka house, you need to make an appointment.


  • Pálinka, Old Pálinka, mellowed pálinka: apple, pear, plum, sour cherry, apricot, grape
  • Ágyas (’bedded’) Pálinka: plum, peach, sour cherry


  •     Pálinka tasting events
  •     Showing around the Pálinka House (lunch available if required)

You can purchase on the spot at pálinka tasting events
On the markets nearby:

  •     Hévíz (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
  •     Káptalantóti (Sunday)
  •     Country show (Budapest – on Fridays)
  •     Nagykovácsi
  • Pálinka can be ordered via phone and e-mail, as well.

As chemical engineers, Miklós Kovács and his wife Erzsébet started to take interest in pálinka distilling. Having gained practical experience in the distillery of Hidegkút, they built their own pálinka house, making their dream come true.
The experience of long years and studying literature of foreigner products contributed to elaboration of their current pálinka distilling technology, by which they produce mellowed-, old- and ágyas (’bedded) pálinka having special taste and scent. Each of their products wins its typical aroma and taste after having been fermented in wooden barrels for months. It is their scent that enables us to distinguish between these high-quality, luxury pálinkas from that of made by home distilled, traditional ones. Their pálinkas are stylish, as they are named after the world-famous characters of writer Jenő Rejtő (P. Howard), called Jimmy Fülig and Fred Piszkos. The naming seems to be perfect, as this drink brings a smile on everybody’s face even with its first scent. This pálinka is recommended to real gourmets, who think that the fineness of pálinka does not hide in its being rough, but rather in its scent and aroma being inimitable and making it a unique drink.
Miklós and Erzsébet do not simply distill pálinka, their knowledge and several years of experience are supported by their chemical engineer qualification and exquisite taste.
Each of their pálinka tasting events is like a wonderfully-built, fascinating initiation in the world of pálinkas.

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