Skrabski Cellar

Skrabski Pincészet

Wine Culture in the Reborn 18th-century Wine-Press House

Nagyleshegy Borászati Kft.
Gábor Sümegi
+36 70 5908626
GPS coordinates: N 46, 907156
E 17, 779072

Please, respect that vine farmers do not only sell their products, but they also do vineyard and wine-making works each day. If you wish to take part in a wine tasting event or to buy their products, please, make an appointment in advance.



  •     White wines:
  •     Rhine
  •     Riesling
  •     Szürkebarát (Grey Monk)
  •     Furmint
  •     Red wine:
  •     Blue Frankish

Where can you purchase?

You can buy the products on the spot, at wine tasting events and in certain shops and restaurants. Contact us by phone!


  • Wine tasting
  • Accommodation (2 apartments, altogether 12 pers.)


It is not only the wine that makes us tipsy  in Skrabski Cellar, but the picturesque environment and harmony of the the neatly renovated, old wine-press house, as well, as the cellar itself is a part of a rare and unique vinery hill where several owners have renovated the cellars preserving the exact exterior and atmosphere of the era when they served as hiding places for the wanted highwaymen of the region.
It is well-known in Skrabski Cellar that grape is the sweetest where the view is beautiful , as the beneficent reflecting effect of Lake Balaton provides and outstandingly unique harmony in the flavour of both grape and wine.
In the cellar, cellarman Balázs Káli and Gábor Sümegi also support the natural way of vine growing, which was started by Skrabski Family. They are keen on vine growing done with protecting and preserving the nature and the environment. The naturalness is complemented with a technology which is based on the free fermentation of the wine. Thus, they can keep the character of the habitat and the species.
We fondly recommend these wines coming from a charming place, having special flavour, as well as the wine tasting events where you can admire the amazing view which the vine-stocks enjoy and reciprocate all through the year.
Spending a night in the wine-press houses is an unforgettable experience. Just imagine ourselves watching the sunset on Lake Balaton in peace and quiet, even in the main season, while admiring the surface of the water with our beloved ones and a glass of special wine. Who knows? It might be followed by a romantic, star-lit night free of lights…

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