Terazza Bistro & Bar

7 Csalogány Street, Sümeg
+36 30 813 8447

Opening hours: 10.00 – 22.00 every day, from November to April only after making appointment in advance.


  • The bistro kitchen, having international character, is based on the fresh spices grown in their own garden (rosemary, coriander, basil, thyme, sage, parsley, mint, lemon-balm, lavender, chives, lovage …etc. )
  • Cookies are made locally using the most excellent ingredients.
  • Coffee, chocolate and drink specialities
  • Coctails, quality wines


  • restaurant, café and wine-coctail catering with meals and seasonal menus
  • arranging events for families, friends’ groups, companies (class reunions, team meetings and trainings etc.)

Terazza Bistro & Bar is a real peculiarity of Sümeg considering both hospitality and spectacle.
The property is situated in the area near Fehér Kövek (White Stones), which belongs to the nature conservation area. Being at the same height as the castle tower, the bar offers a wonderful view of the baroque town.
Combining city quality with country charm enables the bar to represent the values of our country. Everyone can find what he/she is looking for among the unique offer of Terazza Bistro & Bar, no matter if it is a gastronomic experience, a friendly chat or a business meeting in a romantic milieu with a glass of fine drink.
From the hilltop, we can admire the sunset or the illuminated medieval castle, which is marvellous watching from the terraces.

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