Vörösmarty House

György Győriványi
61 Dózsa Street, Kapolcs H-8294
N 46°57’11” E 17°36’29”

Service: acommodation

  • 3 separate flats with kitchen, bathroom, fit to live in all year round.
  • TV, Internet, microwave oven, fridge, table tennis, swing, bike, washing machine, wine cellar, projector for events, garden benches, fire place, horse keeping.

Available all year round.

The tiny, picturesque village of Kapolcs hides at the foot of Bakony Hills, on the northern foil of Balaton Uplands. Kecskekő, whose slopes are called Kali Puszta by the locals, rises above it with protective love. The view in front of us is breathtaking, accompanied by birds giving a concert behind us. Apart from the bird orchestra, Kapolcs is the home of the Valley of Arts Festival, which is the most significant pan-art festival of the country.
Kali Puszta is also the entrance to the vast Natural Conservation Area, which offers visitors a number of places to see and wander around: Lake Kálomisz, Király Kő (Kings’ Stone), Quarry, Pokol Lik (Hell’s Hole), Szőke Source.
An intimate cottage is hiding in the shadow of the huge, old pear tree: Vörösmarty Guesthouse. In its 3 flats, all conveniences and peace await guests with traditionally furnished rooms, wine cellars offering fine atmosphere for friends’ companies and a wide range of natural and built heritage, regarding tourist routes. In the environment of fine atmosphere, however, TV and Internet are aslo available, as well as garden leisure facilities, a fire place, a swing and a tennis court. Wine tasting might be organized for wine admirers introducing the typical, delicious wines of the region. For horseriders, keeping horses and giving information on excellent horseriding routes are available.
Foreign guests can get information in English, German, Spanish and Italian languages. Website www.vorosmartyhaz.hu provides exact information on prices, the arrangement of flats and the location of the accommodation. The separate flats are recommended especially to families, friends’ companies, but they can be booked together with 2-2 adults’ and children’s beds.


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