Zsuzsanna Sárkány

Sárkány Zsuzsanna kistermelő

Enchanting Lavender Honey-souvenirs

Zsuzsanna Sárkány farmer
30 Kossuth Street, Nemesvámos H-8248
+36 20 6695951

Please, respect that farmers do not only sell their products but do farming or work in their full-time jobs as well. If you intend to purchase from their goods, contact them on the phone in advance.


Honey-cakes of celebrations

  • Christmas honey-cake gifts, decorations
  • Easter egg-shaped honey-cakes
  • For Mother’s Day
  • For Valentine’s Day
  • For grape-harvest festival

Honey-cakes decorated with folklore patterns

  • Honey-cakes with lace patterns
  • Honey-cakes with lavender with Balaton Uplands National Park Brand
  • Tiny, little honey-cakes for special occasions (wedding, graduation, for teachers, in restaurants or hotels, for companies etc.)

You can purchase on Csalán Farmer’s Market in Veszprém, on the markets of Káptalantóti and Tihany, in person or by e-mail or phone order.


  • Honey-cake making and decorating classes (after making appointment)

After her first attempts to make Advent wreaths in 2010, by now, Zsuzsa has had enchanting honey-cakes to offer to her buyers and visitors.
Making honey-cakes means a sweet-smelling, fabulous world to Zsuzsa.
Her creativity and winged imagination are enriched with making research on folklore decorative elements and integrating them into her patterns.
Each of her lavender-flavoured honey-cake is a unique, hand-made article.
It is not only cakes she uses her self-grown lavender for, but for decorations as well.
Her lavender-house and flower-bouquet honey-cakes have been awarded with the Balaton Uplands National Park Brand.


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