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Cooperating Balaton Uplands Association

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The life-giving Balaton Uplands

Hungary is a wonderful place. For many people, Balaton Uplands is one of the most superior gems of the country.

This land – from Lake Balaton through the Valley of Arts, as far as Sümeg – transmits the romance of the provinces, the traditions and cultural memories of the past for both the local residents and the visitors, while hiding the opportunity of the permanent renewal in itself.

The local people are kind, hardworking and very good hosts. They accept anybody in their lives and homes. They let people look into the secrets, tricks and difficulties of the local farming.

The past few years have also proved that it is possible even for 60 settlements to hold together with cooperations getting stronger and stronger. It is unique, especially nowadays, when we are happy to be able to take our individual chances and cope with the challenges waiting for us in our rapid, hectic life.

More and more of us tend to think that the number of our tailored opportunities will be multiplied if we join our knowledge, experience and connections.

Not only is this increase of values true regarding the opportunities, but also considering the seemingly tiny sights and values of certain settlements. Surely, an initially insignificant sight, and even an impressive building will become more popular and frequently visited, if it fits into its attractive environment functionally. In Cooperating Balaton Uplands Association, more than 250 organizations, including enterprises, civil communities and self-governments work together on the basis of this conception.

In 2013-2014, we elaborated the Rural Quality – Cooperating Balaton Uplands Brand System together in order to help the local residents and visitors in the information mass of our days to get to the more hidden places of our region where they can use quality products and services, while meeting the values of the area.

Besides the natural, cultural values and beaches of the area, discover the quality-brand meals, restaurants and handcrafted products from Sümeg through the Valley of Arts, as far as Lake Balaton.

The devoted work, cooperation and taking social responsibility of manufacturers, hosts and artists will guarantee that the porducts and services offered in Balaton Uplands reflect the local characteristic features.

The local manufacturers who have deserved the Brand pay special attention to the preservation of the values and traditions, transferring knowledge and experience, creativity and the use of native substances.

In our settlements, countless manufacturers, services, artists, styles and trades can be found.

The smooth water of Lake Balaton, the beauty and the historic atmosphere of the land, the facilities for active sports, the captivating local events, festivals, the visitor-friendly services and the unique gastronomic offer all contribute to Your feeling good in our region. Our 60 settlements provide ideal opportunities for leisure, relaxation and recreation for every age group all through the year. You can have a pleasant relaxation while immersing in the harmony of tastes, aromas, scents and nectars of Balaton Uplands.

Cooperating Balaton Uplands – The Real Value – Simply receive it!