Régi Idők Udvara

Régi Idők Udvara

The Tastes of Old Times

Name and contact of entrepreneur
3 Batthyány Street, Tihany H-8237
GPS: N46.91539, E017.88626
Róbert Papp
+36 70 284 6705
+36 70 413 0391

The restaurant’s own goods

   jams and syrups


  •     pizzeria, café
  •     bakery with oven
  •     restaurant – open-air village museum
  •     event organizing
  •      pig-killing feast (from November to the end of January if required)
  •      jam making (3rd weekend of September)
  •      meals with sightseeing by Dotto road train
  •      horseriding
  •      performances: folklore, folk music, folk dance, open-air baking show,
  •      blacksmith show (in opening hours)

Régi Idők Udvara (Court of Old Times), a village museum restaurant in the heart of Tihany is a real gem of Balaton Uplands.
As its name suggests, in the museum restaurant, we can find the tastes and flavours of old times, due to the fact, that the meals are prepared without using pre-cooked products, but basic ingredients. The restaurant has gained its fame owing to its unique atmosphere, specialities and homely service. On the basis of the customer’s feedback, it is ranked among the best restaurants of Balaton Uplands.
The restaurant is run by Róbert Papp and his family. The permanent presence and kindness of the family guarantee that the customers get the best.
Besides representing the everyday life of the Hungarian countryside, the Village Museum houses regular folklore programmes, handcraft shows, musical events and afternoons.

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