Barátcsuha Wine-shop

The keeper of vine-culture of the land, the home of Barátcsuha

Imre Nagy wine-maker
8243 Balatonakali, Kossuth L. str. 46.
+36 87 444 025; +36 70 318 2070
Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 9-18; Sun: 9-13

Please, accept that wine producers do not only sell the wine, but do winery works, as well day-by-day.
You can shop in Barátcsuha Wine-shop in the opening hours.
If you wish to take part in a wine tasting with cold dish or a cellar visit, please, make an appointment in advance!


  • Italian Riesling
  • ’Szürkebarát’ (Greymonk)
  • Savignon
  • Irsai Oliver
  • Selected White Wine (Nectare)
  • Rose Zweigel
  • Merlot Red Wine
  • Barátcsuha (late harvest)

You can buy wines on the spot, at wine tasting and at certain retailers. Contact us on the phone.


  • Wine tastings
  • Visiting the monumental cellar row combined with wine tasting
  • Organizing wine taxi

Imre Nagy was born and raised in a multi-generation wine-maker family. (The family started wine-making in the 1780s). Their devotion to the popularization of wine culture is shown not only by their wine-making work, but also by their work done in the Balatonakali Historic Vinery Hills Winepath Association.
Not only did Barátcsuha Wine-shop gain its fame due to its excellent quality wines, but also due to the scale of values represented by the owner. He shows respect to the land and the vine-farming values of the past typical to the region. He protects it and takes up the duty to show it to the present and future generations.
Imre can be considered as the saviour of Barátcsuha wine, as he kept on preserving and producing this unique type so typical of this habitat even when the professional gave up trying. In the area, we can taste Barátcsuha only in his cellar.
It is a well-known fact about Balatonakali that there are 18th-19th-century monument cellars and wine-press houses on its vinery hill, which have been preserved and used until present days by several thorough farmers. Imre invites us in the name of Balatonakali Winepath to a unique hike to visit the monument cellars. Here, the most precious value is to preserve and introduce the former vinery culture. Who could introduce it more authentically than him, who had been working as a chief vine-grower in Balaton Uplands for decades and who would be wandering around the vinery hills with protecting look since his childhood?
Having practical experience of several generations, the wine-grower offers his wines in his wine-shop in the village and in his own cellar on the vinery hill.
We gladly recommend this programme opportunity to everyone interested, as the experience given by the unique view of Balaton Uplands is mixed up here with the old buildings fitting into the beauty of the land and the wines with special harmony of taste.
Those who consider the harmony of the country and the former vinery culture a value cannot miss this experience.

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