Power in the Family

’Családok a családért’ Marriage and Family Pedagogy Association

Chairman: Dr. István Endrédy
Vice-chariman: Antal Ther
Vice-chairwoman: Mrs. János Vértesaljai

Contact person: Mrs. Zoltán Mészáros operation manager
e-mail: iroda@schoenstatt.hu
Phone.: +36 20 2212 411
+ 36 87 655 014


  • trainings (for family life)
  • ’Way of Married Couples’ theme hike
  • Publications on marriage, family
  • meals
  • playground
  • sports field (normal-sized grass-covered soccer pitch)
  • table tennis
  • sports equipment
  • open-air cooking, barbecue facilities
  • equipped, furnished communal places (projector, screen)
  • parking lot
  • microbus (transportation)


  • 1 youth hostel for 30 pers. (10+10+6+4); each room with a bathroom; campsite;
  • MHC1 house: 2 5-5 bedded rooms with mixed bathing; 1 two-roomed apartment (2+4 beds); 1 one-roomed apartment with (5 beds); 2 double-bedrooms with mixed bathing
  • MHC 2 house: 2 two-roomed apartments (2+4 beds)
  • MHC 3 house: two-roomed flat with kitchen, bathroom (4+3 beds)
  • Main building: apartment (2+1 beds)
  • Guest house: 4 rooms – 2 with bathrooms (3+4+4+4 beds)

Open all year long.

’Családok a családért’ Association (Families for Families) aims a special target group, in accordance with its name. Its main activity is to organise trainings which prepare for and help family life and which involve providing food and accommodation as well. Apart from trainings, accommodation is also available and the profit coming from it is spent on non-profit purposes, supporting families, trainings and the maintenance of the organization. Their accommodation facilities (including Diós Youth Hostel, the campsite and MHC houses) are tidy, well-maintained and located in a nice environment, fitting in the landscape and they provide convenient entertainment facilities. Their equipment (chapel, sports field, sports equipment, table tennis, fire place, training house with lecture rooms, restaurant) and their loyal staff’s attitude, also contribute to it. The place can easily be reached by public transport, especially by bus, but they have an own minibus to help those who arrive at Zánka-Köveskál station by train.
Apart from their services, their offers include presenting the sights and monuments of the region.

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