Pumpkin seed oil

a healthy speciality from Peiba Kft. family enterprise

Peiba Kft.
45 István Pap Street, Nemesvámos 8248
János Bésán: +36 20 923-3250

The company can be visited after an appointment has been made. In the factory, you can observe the process of producing pumpkin oil seed.


  • Fresh pumpkin seed oil. Make-up: in bottles of 0.25 and 0.5 litres, or as required.
  • Pumpkin seed middlings
  • Pumpkin seed slice
  • Pumpkin seed snack (with milk-, white- and eating chocolate, wasabi and cinnamon)

Where can you purchase?

You can purchase at the centre of the company (Peiba Kft. at 13 Muskátli Street, Nemesvámos.)

Or at our partners:

  • Gindy Kft. – 2 Lövőház Street, Budapest H-1022 (Fény Street market)
  • Bionom Shop (webshop)
  • Bioshop – 8 Budapest Street, Veszprém H-8200
  • Chianti Gourmet Delicate – 4 Béla Dornyai Street, Veszprém
  • Biotitok Health Collection – Balatonfüred
  • Kamilla Handcrafted Gifts’ Shop – 6 Kossuth Street, Sümeg
  • Kozmoker Kereskedelmi Kft. – Veszprémvarsány

Peiba Kft. is a family business in Nemesvámos, near Veszprém. The business is doing well and professionalism and vocation can almost be touched there. The company is involved in several things, such as large-scale trading and export. However, what they are proud of the most is pumpkin seed squeezing. In their pumpkin seed pressing plant, launched in 2013, healthy and fine, premium category oil is produced. The goal of the family enterprise is to make their quality, beautiful deep-green shade, balmy pumpkin seed oil well-known widely both in Hungary and internationally, as well. It is made of Hungarian raw materials and has a number of healing physiological effects, besides its being very delicious.

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