Syrup and Jam Manufacture

Ivett Farkas scale manufacturer
8294 Kapolcs, Petőfi S. str. 45.
+36 30 956 1993

Please, respect that small scale manufacturers do not only sell their products but do farming or work in their main profession, as well.
In cas you wish to purchase, please, make an appointment in advance!



  • Syrups:    elderflower, raspberry, strawberry, sour cherry, elderberry, currant, forest fruit, grape
  • Jams:     plum, plum with cinnamon and apple, sour cherry, raspberry, apricot, strawberry, fig, rose-hip
  • Bottled sour cherry

You can buy the products locally or in different shops, bakeries, for example, in Sümeg – Kamilla Shop; Kapolcs – Village Grocery; Balatonakali – FÉK Shopping Centre; Tihany-Sajkod – Teahouse in the forest; Balatonfüred – Németh Bakery Network, Aranycipó Bakery, Ajka – Ökoverzum Shop; Veszprém – Manufacturers’ Shop


Showing around the farm (for individuals and groups after an appointment has been made in advance)

In Kapolcsikum Syrup and Jam Manufacture, Ivett Farkas ans her spouses’ handcrafted products are made.
The young couple were in her early 20s when they started farming. They learned the tricks and secrets of fruit-growing and processing from their parents and grandparents. Their commitment is an example to be followed. The have their own plantations, but it is the bounteous family orchard nearby that provides the majority of their delicious, unique and home-made jams and syrups.
They are trying hard to provide a wide range of choice. Kapolcsikum porducts represent various tastes from the traditional peach jam to the special cinnamonned ones. The syrups and bottled sour cherry of the young couple are favoured both by children and adults. Tourists, locals, restaurants and enterprises involved in public catering willingly buy their products.

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